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Women Of War - a documentary look at MST

“They were ready for service, but the service wasn’t ready for them.”

“How do you send someone into combat and protect them from the same people they’re fighting with?”
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez


Victims of Military Sexual Trauma suffer a sin as bad as incest. They have been invited into a family, asked to trust with their lives and then stripped of all respect and dignity. And when their attackers are set free or given a slap on the wrist, they are once again assaulted.
Until changes are made and assailants are held accountable, our mothers and sisters and wives and daughters will continue to pay the price.
“Women of War” is a harshly realistic account of one of the best and longest kept secrets in the military.
“Women of War” is an essential research and teaching tool for:
  • Studies in psychiatry, psychology and behavioral science in civilian and VA programs
  • Social work and counseling
  • Mental Health training, licensing & continued education programs